Newham Central 1
Primary Care Network

Who We Are

Central 1 is one of the largest PC comprising of 7 GP practices along the Barking Road in Newham with approximately 70,000 registered patients. We deliver primary care network services in collaboration with our partners. Our aim is to become a multi professional learning PC through the opportunities presented by the primary care transformation outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan. This style of learning environment will enable the PC to meet all needs of the patients collaboratively through a personalised care plan.

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Keeping healthy this Ramadan

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Keeping healthy this Ramadan

Over 500,000 Muslims call north east London home and the NHS is here to help you enjoy a healthy and safe Ramadan. Here, Dr. Muhammad Naqvi, a GP in Newham, gives tips and advice. For more, please vis

Help Us Help You: Act F.A.S.T

When stroke strikes act F.A.S.T F.A.S.T FACE – has their face fallen on one side? Can they smile? ARMS – Can they raise both arms and keep them there? SPEECH – Is it slurred? TIME – it’s time to call